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Nestled in the cool hills of Westmoreland, Ocean Terrace is an oasis of natural beauty, care free, friendly, virtually crime free community. It is designed as a gated and secure enclave within an already safe community. The layout and elevation add to the overall security.

Fifteen years ago our principal director, an aviation and boating enthusiast went looking for a hill site from which to launch a powered hang glider to the beach in front of his home in nearby Waterwheel, Westmoreland. He discovered what is now Ocean Terrace Estate. The fact that much of the land was purchased fifteen years ago largely accounts for our very reasonable selling prices today.

Ocean Terrace Estate Ltd. is a Jamaican owned company registered under the Companies Act, Jamaica.

Through our affiliate companies in Jamaica, Canada and the US, we have over the years accumulated significant experience in real estate marketing, financing, construction and property development, including winning the bid to develop Towles Gardens, an ambitious government sponsored townhouse/ apartment complex for one of Florida's largest Cities.

We share professional relationships with some of the leading, surveying, architectural, engineering and legal firms in Jamaica and recognize and  partner with all legally sanctioned real estate professionals in Jamaica, the UK, Canada and the USA.